Viljandi 2022

Viljandi 2022

This summer we had the great pleasure and honor to play at Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2022 in Viljandi Estonia. We had two shows during our stay, one on Wednsday 28.07 at I Kirsimägi 22:00 o'clock, and the other on Saturday 31.07 at Kaevumägi 20:00 o'clock. The response on both shows were fantastic and such a blast, we've never played for such a huge and festive crowd before.

The first stage had a capacity of 1000 people, and when we played there were people as far as the eye could reach. I think we all were excited about what to expect, both band and crowd. As we got on stage we were aplauded on by a massive roar, and as we played through our set the audience kept giving more and more. At this point we got so comfortable with the crowd that we figured we might as well try to teach them some Norwegian lyrics, which was not part of the plan initially. This was a huge success as the Estonian crowd sang even louder and more articulate than any of our previous shows, which have all prior to this been in Norway or Sweden.
The second stage had a capacity of 2000 people, however this time we played a bit earlier than the last one, and the audience area had benches to sit on. Not the most ideal setting for Gangar, but the crowd was yet again amazing and the show turned out fantastic. This time around we were a bit more relaxed and comfortable given that we had already played one concert with such a great response. Yet again we taught the crowd Norwegian lyrics and the crowd sang them beautifully.

Thank you to Viljandi Folk Music Festival and everyone who made this possible for giving us the opportunity to play at this fantastic festival. This is our first major festival gig, and we're so happy Viljandi Folk Music Festival trusted us enough to deliver a good show. The professionalism and hospitality made our stay and playing very enjoyable. Hopefully we will get to play at Viljandi Folk Festival another time as well. 

To us this gig is proof that our music and show is very festival-appropriate, and we hope to attend to more festivals in the future. We brought a videographer and photographer, Kasper Aae Nystrøm, and recorded audio and video from both shows which will hopefully be up very soon. Thanks to Muusicaplanet, Mikk Mihkel Vaabe and Siim Suurkaask for sending-, and letting us use their pictures!

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