New Website and Merch Store

New Website and Merch Store

We have officially moved our whole website to a third-party vendor, Shopify! Prior to this our website was maintained and developed by me, Richard Max, the guitarist. Being able to outsource the development and maintenance of the site is a huge relief for me which allows me to focus on more important aspects of the band in stead of worrying about bugs or other technical issues.

In addition to a sweet design and easy configuration, Shopify has an awesome setup for running an online store. We are currently only selling T-Shirts, however we will be selling Vinyls and other merchandise in the future here. Go check it out here!

Huge shoutout to my dad, Michael Max, who has been kind enough to let us host our website in his basement and helping me out with all sorts of issues all this time. To any aspiring developer out there, I would still encourage you to try to make your own website, there is no better way of learning development than by doing useful projects yourself. However, for me I simply don't have the time or patience to develop these things on my own, and there is a good reason why these alternative exists! Make an educated decision about what is best for you and the purpose of your project.

author: Richard Max

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