First Single-Release, Fjellets Melodi

First Single-Release, Fjellets Melodi

We finally released our first single available on streaming platforms! Its called "Fjellets Melodi" which means 'Melody of the Mountains'. This is just one of the three songs from the EP we are going to release on december 2nd.

I, Richard the guitarist, was very intrigued by this melody when we stumbled upon it while searching for new material in the archives of old Norwegian traditional music. The melody was dark and firece, and on top of that the title in itself was very 'metal'. Mattias the fiddle player transcribed the melody for me (thank god), and I imported the melody in to my Digital Audio Workstation where I began to arrange the song. I put some heavy guitar-riffs and syncopated rhythms on to it as well as a guitar solo in order to really give the listener the urge to headbang.

We then polished the song together and were well prepared to bring the arrangement to Halden in order to record the song professionally at Athletic Sound. We had the great honor of having Kjell-Erik Eriksson from Hoven Droven to join us and co-produce the whole EP. The process was a lot of fun and we look forward to share a mini-documentary of us producing the EP, from start to finnish.

Thanks to everyone who's been involved in making this possible. A special thanks to Heilo Records for believing in us and publishing our record. The song is available on all streaming platforms linked here.


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